Foundation Board Member

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Foundation Board Members are happy to answer questions and provide information about the Foundation and/or the Legacy Circle at any time.    

Please feel free to contact any board member for information about 

contributions, memorial gifts, honorarium gifts, the grant program and other opportunities

that fulfill our mission and support First Presbyterian Church.



Dan Spurgeon              President & Investment Chair              812-372-6606   work

Sherry Stark                 Vice President                                                    812-372-7171   home

David Selheim              Treasurer                                                                    812-391-0191  cell

Colleen Herrick             Secretary                                            812-343-0993  cell          

Clare Moore                  Planned Giving Chair                           812-342-0496   home        

Kelly Geckler                Website & Communications                           812-371-2175   cell      

Doug Bonnell                Mission Support                                       812-447-5347  cell

Warren Ward                Investment Committee              812-379-1120  work