The Foundation relies upon and encourages members of First Presbyterian Church and others to make loving and thoughtful contributions to the Foundation.   



2016 CONTRIBUTIONS to the Foundation


In Memory of BLAIR FRAZIER (father of Tim Frazier)

Sherry Stark Tiede 

 Charlie and Jayne Farber 

David and Bonnie Boatwright 

Anne McLaren 

Sherm and Jacquie Franz 


In Memory of ARTHUR KORTE (father of Colleen Herrick)

Charlie and Jayne Farber 


In Memory of TED MARSTEN

Sherry Stark



Sherry Stark

Sam & Kelly Geckler


In Memory of Barbara Hoover

Mary Ann McCray


In Memory of Adrienne Savage

Rob Forste

Barbara Tuttle

K. Louise Menke

Randall Tucker

Bob & Mary Orben

Sherry Stark

Lawrence Myers


In Memory of Sue Starewicz

Charlie & Jayne Farber

Sherry Stark



Sherry Stark Tiede 



Sherry Stark


In Honor of Eric Frey

Charlie & Jayne Farber

Sherry Stark






There are many REASONS TO CONTRIBUTE to the Foundation.  Congregational members contribute and donate all the time.

Listed below are some of the ways to make your CONTRIBUTION special:


                    ◊   HONOR SOMEONE LIVING

Make a contribution in "honor" of someone or something that has been special or meaningful to you. 

For example - a child's graduation, a family member's anniversary, an addition to the family, a wedding, an adoption, a new job, a new home, a new love, a new chapter in your life!



Make a contribution in "memory" of someone who has died.  

For example - a family member, a church member, a friend, a community leader, a relative, or simply someone who was special in your life.



Make a contribution as a way of "paying it forward" .....

For example -  Many members of our congregation are grateful for the many ways First Presbyterian Church has been important or influential in their personal lives or in the lives of their family.   Making a donation in honor of First Presbyterian Church is a simple way to say "thank you".  

For example - FPC celebrates "family GENERATIONS" - and a contribution to the Foundation in honor of a family GENERATION(s) helps ensure that the church will be around to serve and support future generations.



Make a contribution as a way of funding a special project or need that serves the religious, educational or spiritual needs of First Presbyterian Church.  

For example:  What's your passion - youth ministry, music ministry, adult nurture or other?

If you are interested in a special gifting idea, you are encouraged to meet with a representative from the Foundation for special guidance on "restricted gifting."


HOW MANY TIMES MAY I CONTRIBUTE?  As many times as you'd like - or:

◊ Make a one-time donation

◊ Make a recurring donation  (monthly, quarterly, annual)

◊ Leave a gift in your estate plan*

◊ Leave a gift through an IRA or other planned giving vehicle **



◊  IT IS EASY!   Simply write a check to FPC Foundation and forward to:

FPC Foundation, attn: Seth Keele, Treasurer

512 7th Street

Columbus, IN 47201 

◊  Or deliver the check to the church office and indicate that it is for "the FPC Foundation"

◊  Include a note, or a letter, with any special instructions

◊  Be sure to include your name and address (as donor) so that your donation can be properly  annotated and you can be thanked.

◊  Remember, contributions and donations to the FPC Foundation may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor regarding details, or you may contact any member of the Foundation.


Special Note:   The Foundation has created a "recognition society" for estate and planned giving contributors. This society is known as THE LEGACY CIRCLE.  

Please see Legacy Circle on the next page for details.






The Legacy Circle



WHAT is The Legacy Circle?       The Legacy Circle is a recognition society for the members and friends of First Presbyterian Church who have made arrangements to donate to the church through their estate plan or other types of planned giving arrangements.   Donations can be made to support any of the following:

  • First Presbyterian Church 
  • The Foundation
  • FPC Pre-School
  • Mission
  • Music
  • Other


WHY have a Legacy Circle?      This is a way for the church to acknowledge and thank individuals -

during their lifetime - for their enduring gifts that will last INTO THE FUTURE and LONG BEYOND their lives.


WHO is part of the Circle?    Anyone who indicates that he or she has made accommodation for the church

in their ESTATE PLAN or other PLANNED GIVING vehicle - is WELCOME to be part of the Legacy Circle.  

There is no proof needed - we are on the honor system.


HOW can I be part of the Legacy Circle?     This is easy ... once you make arrangements for estate or other planned gifting, let the church office know -- or simply check the appropriate box on your church pledge card.   A member of the Foundation Board of Directors will contact you privately and add your name to the Legacy Circle membership.

  • Names may be listed as "anonymous" if desired
  • Permission to share your name with the FPC Congregation will be requested prior to any publication.