Board of Directors:       

     The Foundation is managed and governed by an eight (8) member Board of Directors. The directors are elected from the membership of First Presbyterian Church.   Board members serve five (5) year terms with staggered term expiration dates.  


Annual Meeting of the Foundation:       

     The Directors are elected at the "Annual Meeting" of the Foundation.  The annual meeting is held concurrently with the annual congregational meeting of First Presbyterian Church.  The Foundation's   membership is comprised of all active members (the full membership) of First Presbyterian Church.


Regular Meetings of the Foundation:  

     Regular meetings of the Foundation are held bi-monthly so that the regular business of the Foundation can be conducted.  Business items may include:

  • Review of financial records and annual audit

  • Review of investment performance

  • Approval of dollars available for annual grant making

  • Consideration of GRANTS up for action

  • Other items as needed 


Officers of the Foundation:

     Officers of the Foundation consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.   Board members are also assigned to various committees within the Foundation.  Officers of the Foundation are elected at the annual meeting of the Foundation's Board of Directors (which is separate from the Annual Meeting of the Foundation Membership.)   


PRIMARY PURPOSE of the Foundation:

  • GATHER ASSETS, accept donations and contributions.

  • PROMOTE the religious, educational and charitable purposes of First Presbyterian Church.

  • ADMINISTER A GRANT program to fund projects that support the religious, educational or charitable programs at First Presbyterian Church.

  • ACCUMULATE funds for FUTURE growth and expansion of First Presbyterian Church 





DAN SPURGEON, President / Investment Committee Chair

SHERRY STARK, Vice President

SETH KEELE, Treasurer


DOUG BONNELL,  Planned Giving / Mission Support

JAYNE FARBER, Webmaster and Public Relations

CLARE MOORE, Planned Giving Chair

WARREN WARD, Investment Committee


Rev FELIPE MARTINEZ, Ex-Officio member without vote






  Tuesday, February 7

     Tuesday, April 4

     Tuesday, June 6

    Tuesday, August 1

   Tuesday, October 3

 Tuesday, December 5


  • Regular Foundation meetings are held every other month at 8:00 a.m. at First Presbyterian Church.

  • The Annual Meeting of the Foundation Membership is held annually and concurrently with the FPC Congregational Meeting.

  • The Investment Committee meets at least once a year for an annual review.

  • Other committees meet on an as-needed basis.