The Legacy Circle



WHAT is The Legacy Circle?      The Legacy Circle is a recognition society for the members and friends of First Presbyterian Church who have made arrangements to donate to the church through their estate plan or other types of planned giving arrangements.   Donations can be made to support any of the following:

 + First Presbyterian Church 

 + The Foundation

 +  FPC Pre-School

 +  Mission

 +  Music

 +  Other


WHY have a Legacy Circle?        This is a way for the church to acknowledge and thank individuals - during their lifetime - for their enduring gifts that will last INTO THE FUTURE and LONG BEYOND their lives.


WHO is part of the Circle?         Anyone who indicates that he or she has made accommodation for the church in their ESTATE PLAN or other PLANNED GIVING vehicle - is WELCOME to be part of the Legacy Circle.  There is no proof needed - we are on the honor system.


HOW can I be part of the Legacy Circle?      This is easy ... once you make arrangements for estate or other planned gifting, let the church office know or simply check the appropriate box on your church pledge card.   A member of the Foundation Board of Directors**  will contact you privately and add your name to the Legacy Circle membership.

  • -  Names may be listed as "anonymous" if desired
  • -  Permission to share your name with the FPC Congregation will be requested prior to any publication.


The Foundation's Legacy Circle committee provides ongoing informational notices, social gatherings and periodic adult nurture programs.  For further information, feel free to contact any of the foundation board members:

Clare Moore, Planned Giving Chair

Dan Spurgeon

Sherry Stark

Kelly Geckler

Jayne Farber

Seth Keele

Warren Ward

Doug Bonnell

Colleen Herrick



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