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In the spring of 1954, seven members* of First Presbyterian Church, acting on behalf of ALL

the members of First Presbyterian Church, established a 501(c) (3) organization known as


The Presbyterian Foundation of Columbus, Indiana


MISSION            The mission of the Foundation is simple - to serve the Religious,

                            Educational and Charitable needs of First Presbyterian Church.


PURPOSE          The purpose is basic - to support the future and the growth of

                            First Presbyterian Church.


MEMBERSHIP   The membership of the Foundation is all inclusive.  

                            Simply --  the membership of the Foundation is "the same as"

                            the membership of First Presbyterian Church.



To accomplish its mission and fulfill its purpose, the Foundation:

RECEIVES ASSETS - such as cash and other monetary gifts, and 

DISBURSES MONEY - to fund approved projects. Money is disbursed through

                                      a grant process (see GRANTS tab).

Under the authority of its members, the Foundation holds assets in trust for the

future needs of First Presbyterian Church. 



The Foundation is not intended to finance current operations of FPC, nor is the Foundation intended to replace any existing agencies of the church. Rather, the Foundation accumulates

and manages money for the future and growth of First Presbyterian Church.


 * The following seven members served as the first Board of Directors for the Foundation and included the following:  

                         Evans Dunlap, W.M. Harrison, Edmund Ludlow, Sidney Showalter,

George Newlin, S.E. Lauther and L.E. Reeves.