The Foundation serves ALL the membership of First Presbyterian Church.   Because the membership of the Foundation is THE SAME AS the membership of FPC, the goals and purposes of the two are uniquely matched in three key areas:

  • Spiritual Needs

  • Educational Needs

  • Charitable Needs  


The Foundation also serves to protect and ensure the FUTURE of FPC – especially in the unique areas of spirituality, education and charity.   

Together our missions are matched – our purposes are complementary. 

The Foundation helps the congregation:

  • Plan for its future

  • Provide funds for the growth of the Church

  • Provide funds for projects

  • Provide assurance that FPC’s mission can be carried forward for future generations. 


The Foundation serves FPC through a GRANT program.

At the beginning of each calendar year, a specific amount of funds - from the Foundation's GENERAL account - are allocated for GRANT spending. The amount allocated for spending is determined utilizing the YALE formula (a combination of quarterly account balance averages, a 4% payout-multiple, weighted allocations and a consumer price index factor).

Any member of the congregation is encouraged to work through or with an FPC committee to identify a project or need and complete a formal, written GRANT APPLICATION FORM ***.

All GRANT APPLICATIONS are initially vetted through FPC Session to help determine the appropriateness and timing of the project or need.

If favorably reviewed by the FPC session, the GRANT APPLICATION is then forwarded to the Foundation Board of Directors for official review and action. If approved, the GRANT APPLICATION is forwarded to the Foundation Treasurer for funding authorization. For a complete copy of the GRANT REQUEST PROCESS, please click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.



  • $850,000 – Total dollars Foundation has gifted in the past ten years (2006-2015)
  • $ 85,000 – Average annual amount available for gifting (2006-2015))
  • 90 - Number of grants awarded since 2006 (+/-) 


The Foundation’s Grant Program

  • Demonstrates DIVERSITY in gifting

  • Touches lives both near and far

  • Serves local, regional, national and international needs

  • Addresses simple and complex needs

  • Funds one-time, multi-year and matching requests

  • Supports spiritual, educational and charitable purposes 

Whatever the NEED – the FOUNDATION’S purpose and mission are to care for the future and growth of First Presbyterian Church. 

Listed below are just some of the 90+ grants that have been approved and funded by the Foundation for the past 10 years (since 2006):


GRANT AWARD                                                                                      AMOUNT             YEAR

Children’s Worship                                                                                      $5,760               2015

Children’s Library (5 year program)                                                             $5,000               2012 – 2016

Gospel Music Workshop                                                                                $500                2012

Worship Service – Projector                                                                        $1,000                2014

Montreat Worship/Music Conference                                                        $10,000                2015  


Boiler replacement – FPC                                                                          $26,158                2013

Stained Glass Project                                                                                 $26,000                2013

FPC Management Software                                                                         $4,464                2013 


Preschool-Childcare Management Software                                                $3,105                2015

Preschool Strategic Planning                                                                       $1,000                2014

Preschool Conference (5 teachers)                                                              $5,000                2013   


Youth Nurture – Match for Mission Trips                                                      $2,500                2009

Youth Nurture – Match for Mission Trips                                                      $5,000                2010

Youth Nurture – Match for Mission Trips                                                      $7,500                2011

Youth Nurture - Match for Mission Trips                                                       $5,000                2012  


Stewardship Match Campaign FPC                             $245,000          $35,000 (Annually)    2007-2013


Mission Support                                                                                          $27,000                2014

Mission Support                                                                                          $29,554                2015                                              

PYOCA Capital Campaign (3 year program)                                              $37,500                2007 - 2009  


Abby’s House – Seed Money                                                                     $10,000                 2006

Abby’s House - furnishings                                                                           $6,500                 2008

Abby’s House – travel for Dr. Porter                                                                $700                 2010

Abby’s House – congregational travel                                                          $2,500                 2010  


International Center of Bethlehem                                                                $5,000                 2006

International Center of Bethlehem                                                                $6,250                 2008

International Center of Bethlehem                                                                $6,000                 2012  


Bright Stars of Bethlehem                                                                           $10,000                 2014

GAZA through PDA                                                                                       $5,000                 2009  


Power of Love Arms Reach Care Program                                                   $5,400                 2008

Power of Love Arms Reach Care Program                                                   $6,772                 2011

Power of Love Micro-loan Program                                                               $5,180                 2012  


Granny Connection – Kenyetta Dance                                                         $5,000                 2009

Inclusive Community Coalition                                                                      $1,000                 2008

Smolensk, Russia Church Camp                                                                  $5,000                 2009

Medical Mission International – 2 year Match                                             $10,000                2011- 2012

Flood Relief – Columbus, IN                                                                          $9,000                2008    


***Click here for a copy of the FPC Foundation GRANT APPLICATION FORM.

Click here for a copy of the GRANT REQUEST PROCESS