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 Director - Barbara H. Newton    


                                                                            Assistant Director - April Hemmerlein


                                              Financial & Human Resources Assistant - Missy Burton


                                            Administrative Assistant - Diana Gambaiani



*Anderson, Kathja - Dr. Gillmeister Medical Technology School, Germany, BS, public and preschool experience, German Language, Minds in Motion Training, NAEYC Conference.

*Anthis, Liz - Oakland University, BA Sociology, Book Buddies program volunteer, public and preschool experience. 

*Burge, Sharon - York University, BS, Psychology, Manchester University, MS, Educational Psychology, public and private experience. 

*Corya, Erin - Indiana University, BS Early Childhood Education, public and preschool experience. 

*Croft, Susan - Brigham Young University, public school experience

*Duncan, Karen - University of Strathclyde, UK, BS Primary Education, public and preschool experience, Book Buddies program volunteer

*Fear, Sheila - Depauw University, BA, MS from Butler University in Elementary Educ., Early Childhood Endorsement, public school experience, NAEYC Conference. 

*Garrett, Trish - Pittsburg State University, BS Family and Consumer Science

*Gill, Sarah - Royal Society of Health Diploma, UK, Nursery Nursing Examining Board, public and preschool experience. 

*Hilderbrand, Pam - Ball State Early Education Conference, NAEYC Conference, public school volunteer, preschool experience.

*Hinckley, Sheri - Brigham Young University, BS Elementary Education, NAEYC Conference, public and preschool experience.

*Hirons, Marty - Ivy Tech, public and preschool experience, NAEYC Conference.

*Lewis, Nicole - Penn State University, BS Rehab Education, private and preschool experience.

*Littrell, Regan - Indiana University, BS Public Affairs/Management, Wee Care and preschool experience

*McAlister, Shelley - Purdue University, BA Psychology & Special Education, public and preschool experience, First Steps, NAEYC Conference.

*Potts, Angela - Ball State, Elementary Education, private and preschool experience, NAEYC conference.

*Reynoso, Sonia - Minerva School, BA Education, preschool experience, bilingual

*Sanchez-Lara, Griselda - IUPUC, Teaching Certification, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, BS Indistrial Relations, private and preschool experience, bilingual

*Schumm, Emily - Purdue University, BA Elementary Education, computer endorsement, public and preschool experience

*Tam, Christi - IUPUC, Teaching Certification, Indiana University, BA Russian Language and Literature, public school, tutoring and ESL experience

*VanDeventer, Kathy - Butler University, BA Music Education, public school and preschool experience, NAEYC Conference.


Library: Trish Garrett

Music: Kathy VanDeventer

Minds in Motion: Kathja Anderson