Your Deacon family is ready and willing to provide support to the FPC church family. This support comes in many different forums such as:

   . Assigned Deacon for your family that provides personal contact and support throughout the year
    . Providing meals and labor for annual church picnic, Easter Brunch, and other church functions
    . Chairmanship and support of many church committees
    . Usher duties for all church services


Your current Deacon family is as follows:

Kathja Anderson, Tom Carmichael, Glinda Ellison, Gretchen Laemmer, and Alyssa George (class of 2016)

Lynne Hyatt, Natalie Roll, Donna Brand (class of 2017)

Lee Hamlin, Barb Smitherman, Izzie Nowlin, Marquita Tuck (class of 2018)